I forgot I had a blog…

Whoopsie! It has been 10 months since I last posted. Eeek. A lot can happen in 10 months…where do I start? Should I even start? Perhaps you should just let a dead horse lie. Or is it a dead dog? I can’t remember…


Fancy Pants

Quick Story:

The ladies bathroom in my office has a basket by the sink that is filled with an assortment of lotions and other products for the use of whomever happens to be in the bathroom. I can only assume that an individual or a group of individuals supplies these products because I know that my office doesn’t. Needless to say there is a wide variety of options to choose from. From flowery scents to plain old Jergens hand lotion. There is even a thing of feminine cleaning product which I find very odd because seriously who is using this stuff at work!? But I digress.

So every once in a while I will try whatever lotion is in the basket. It is like a Russian Roulette of smells. Some days it is good. Other days…not so much. Today’s scent wasn’t that bad but I got a little too much so I did the reasonable thing and just wiped the excess on the back seat of my pants as I was walking out of the bathroom. Little did I know that this particular lotion had so much glitter in it that I looked like a 7th grade girl on her way to her first boy/girl dance. Seriously, I was covered in it! So I quickly tried to get it all off my hands and arms (completely forgetting about my pants).  Ten minutes later, I got up out of my chair and glitter went everywhere so I twisted around to inspect and I have two huge glitter prints right on my butt!! Nice. Very professional if I do say so myself.

I guess beggars shouldn’t be choosers but seriously people, leave the glitter lotion at home!

Working Title Part II

Written 3/21/14

It has been a little over a month since we first started talking about the big move. We have made a little progress I guess. We are having a garage sell tomorrow to get rid of some of the clutter in the house so that we can get it on the market. I went to the doctor yesterday to talk to him about starting the IVF process again (gotta use that insurance while I still got it!) Also, I have been applying to some jobs in the area. It turns out that most of the accounting jobs are actually in the Midland/Odessa area. That is about a 45 minute drive from where we really want to be, but I will take 45 minutes over 4.5 hours any day! Zach isn’t very open to the idea though. Why move if we can’t be where we want to be. I get that. I guess…*sigh* I really hate it when he is right and it’s not what I want to hear.

There are some jobs in the area that I want to be in, and I have gotten some really great encouragement from family and friends of family that the perfect job is just around the corner. I might just have to wait a bit for it. I have never been good at waiting. I’m an instant gratification kind of girl. So when somebody says “Jessie, this is a big deal. It might take as long as a year or so for this move to happen”, I hear them, but I don’t like them. I understand them, but I want to throat punch them and tell them to mind their biz. It’s like once we finally started getting serious about leaving, I was ready to start packing the moving boxes! Sadly I don’t think that will be the case. Unless I take a job I am over qualified for and we live with our parents because we can’t sell our house. I mean really little things like that. 🙂

Written 4/28/14

OK. So, I just found the above gem in my draft folder. I had forgotten I even wrote it, but the ‘throat punch’ made me giggle so I decided to keep it. Here is where we are at as of today:

I didn’t end up having to take a crap job and we won’t have to live with our parents. It’s funny how a little patience can fix everything. I found an amazing job at the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD) in Big Spring. They are the ones responsible for selling all the water to their participating cities (Big Spring, Odessa and Snyder). I will be doing all of their accounting work and I’m pretty excited about it.  Zach will be working with his brother, Nate, leasing generators in the oil field. Also, we have found the perfect house:

Scott House

As of today we have a contract on it so now we are just waiting for inspections to make it official. We are still going to have to crash in my parent’s RV until closing, but that is very doable for just a few weeks. Umm…what else? Our house is on the market and we are crossing our fingers that is sells soon. However, that is out of my control so I have chosen to not stress out about it. I mean everything else has worked out so I’m sure that will too. The official move day is May 11th. That is two weeks people! I seriously can not believe this has all happened so quickly. It’s like we made the decision to start “trying” to move and then all of a sudden things just started falling into place.

It is a really strange feeling to be so excited to go, but still so sad to leave at the same time. Because it has all happened so fast I don’t think it has quite caught up to me yet. It is happening. Crazy. I think that is it. I’m sure I have forgotten a few details but the broad strokes are there.

Working Title

Written 2/10/14

So Zach and I have been talking over some pretty major life decisions lately. It is causing some big ripple down effects in my life that I just wasn’t expecting. (If I am posting this then that means that we have already announced our plans so I am free to advertise it on the internet. I don’t know when that will be, but this is just the beginning of our decision making process. It is strange because I am writing as if you will be reading this in the distant future but in reality all of this just happened a couple of days ago. Anyway, I digress. )

For a little background information; Zach started back to school last fall to try and finish his bachelor’s degree. Since I work at the university his tuition is paid for so it seemed like a no brainer for him to enroll. I think we went into it a little naively. I mean, going to school when you are 18 years old with minimal responsibility is one thing, doing it when you are thirty three with a job and a one year old is something completely different. Even me being married wasn’t a huge deal when I was in school, we made it work. I’m not saying that we can’t make it work with Zach too, there is just that constant question of “Why are we doing this?”. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a big strain on our family, mainly because it is so much stress on Zach. But, that’s not what this post is about.

This Saturday, after Zachary had spent most of the day studying for an upcoming test, we decided to get out of the house for dinner. So we went into town for some burgers and we started a conversation that has the potential to change our lives in a major way.

Zach: I want to move home.
Me: Home? Like to Big Spring home?
Zach: Yep. Home.
Me: Well that certainly changes things.

We have joked about going home before, but I never thought we actually would. I’m not sure why though. It seems like the logical thing to do. Now that we are seriously weighing our options I really don’t know what has kept us in Waco so long. Well that’s a lie I guess, I do know. It has been Journey. We have stayed because we found a family away from family in our church. We have made friends and a life here that has been pretty amazing for the last ten years. Plus Zach has had a job that he loves and that he is really good at. He was meant to be a worship pastor. Don’t get me wrong. I love love my job too, but let’s face it, I can be an accountant pretty much anywhere. It is a pretty flexible profession.

It is very strange how much having a kid can change things. For some reason we didn’t think it would for us. It did. We went from having a really tight knit group of friends that we hung out with every weekend to barely keeping in touch with any of them. We didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did…and that’s okay. Reid is worth it. But along with that, he has made us realize how much we love our families. The thought of Reid growing up close to his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents makes me really excited. For me, my cousins are like my brothers/sister. My aunt is a second mom and I wouldn’t trade my relationship with my Nana and Papa for anything. I want that for Reid. I know that we haven’t been THAT far away, but it has been far enough to miss birthday parties, or just the spur of the moment dinners. It has been far enough to make Christmas morning an ordeal and Easter egg hunts a lonely affair for little man. Plus it would be really nice to have some stinkin’ babysitters for a date night for a change!!

So it is time. It is time to start uprooting our life here and trying to make the move back west. That creates a lot of issues. How am I going to find a job? What are we going to do with our house? How are we going to find a house there (the housing market is insane in that entire area because of the oil field). What about more kids? Do we do IVF before I even start looking for another job? How could we afford that without my current insurance? What about Zach’s school? Will he regret not using this opportunity to finish his degree? Is it worth all the stress? These are some pretty major hurtles that we are going to have to figure out. I don’t know the answer to any of these questions yet, but I am just excited that we are actually starting to seriously consider our options. And now that we have made the decision to start looking, it seems like for the first time in a long time, we are heading in the right direction.

I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Obviously a lot has transpired since I wrote this and a lot of my questions have been answered. I will work on getting them all put down in a post and try and post it tomorrow. 

The Master’s Trip

So last week was our Master’s trip. It. Was. Awesome.

We had so much fun on the road and at the tournament. I told my mom when we were walking in that it was like Disney Land for adult men. I have never see so many giddy men in all my life. I felt a little unworthy to be there. I mean to me it was just a really pretty golf course and the chance to see some players that I occasionally root for when there is nothing else to do on a weekend Zach is watching golf. To Zach and Donald, it was heaven. It was neat to get to see how much fun they were having though.


Phil (our favorite)

Phil (our favorite)

Mom Mom donald

Bubba Watson. The eventual champion.

Bubba Watson. The eventual champion.

A big part of the fun for me, was the road trip. We stopped in Shreveport and gambled, shopped in Birmingham and went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We drove across nearly five states so it was A LOT of time in the car, but we really weren’t in that big of a hurry. We just kind of moseyed from one place to the other. On the leg from Shreveport to Birmingham what should have been a 6.5 hour drive took us more like 9 hours. We would stop every now and then to stretch our legs. Or to take a picture in front of a random sign from a show that none of us really watches.


Or to eat some yummy crawfish.


On a whim, we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium and it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was huge, and amazing, and…HUGE!

photo (3) photo (5) pic Stingray

Plus we had a lot of laughs along the way. Here is a snippet from one of my favorites:

(While driving through Monroe, LA)

Mom: Look at all these magnolia trees! I think Steel Magnolias was filmed here.
Donald: No it was in Mississippi.
Zach: No. I’m pretty sure it was in Georgia.
Mom: Well let’s just bet on it (looks it up on her phone)
*victoriously* It was filmed in “a small parish in rural Louisiana”. Ha!
Zach: a rural Louisiana parish…in Georgia.
Donald: …right outside of Biloxi….

There is just no winning with those fellas. 🙂

Nerd Humor

Right now at work we are doing a big software update and for the past couple of weeks we have had a consultant come in and show us all the new fancy stuff our software will do now. We were going over some inventory reports and for overages and shortages we have two reports called Overs and Unders. Here is a conversation I had with the consultant:

Me: So how can I see what barcodes I haven’t scanned?
Consultant: Let’s go into your reports and check your unders.
*really long silence*
Consultant: Well that was awkward. Sorry.

I had a really hard time not making some very inappropriate jokes. I hate having to be an adult sometimes!


A Wednesday List: On Tuesday

Things that made me smile this morning:

1. Reid reminding me to get my phone as we were leaving the house. You know you forget your phone A LOT when your 21 month old** tells you “Momma phone” as you walk out the door.

**I really hate giving his age in months. I always hate it when people do it to me because I have to then calculate how old they are in my head. But he is older than a year and a half and it is weird to say nearly two (plus it makes me sad that he is nearly two) so I went with the 21 months. I apologize.

2. I pre-ordered a book on Amazon like four months ago and it was automatically downloaded on my kindle this morning. I love when I forget that I have done stuff like that and then it is a surprise. Plus I am looking forward to reading the book. I have been reading a John Grisham book, Sycamore Row, but I just can’t get into it.

3. This post from my friend Anna.

4. The fact that Reid cried when I took off his Hulk shirt this morning. Don’t judge me but he wore it all day yesterday and when it was time for bed he didn’t want to take it off so I just let him sleep in it. I drew the line at letting him wear it to PDO today though. So I finally wrestled it off of him and he started crying, “Hulk!! Hulk!!”. It was the sweetest, saddest thing I have ever seen. He is ALL boy…and I love it!


Photo courtesy of Jamie 🙂